Imagine being able to get information from your body just by an inch and a half of your hair? Hair analysis has been used for almost 40 years, and it really does tell a story. I just got back from a seminar breaking it all down, and I want to share it with you and encourage you to try this diagnostic tool to maybe help answer some questions in your own health journey.

By using hair mineral analysis we can observe stages of stress, immune function, metabolic rate, cell membrane permeability, cell receptor sensitivity, protein assimilation, hidden toxicities such as heavy metals, organ stress, and digestive health. Enzymes and hormones are all based on minerals, and we can use hair mineral analysis to know what’s going on in the cellular chemistry, and most important how it affects your health.

Up to 80% of the evaluation involves just four minerals: calcium, magnesium, sodium and potassium are of utmost importance, and really it is their relationship to each other where we can get information.

These mineral ratios also tell us if you are a fast or slow oxidizer, which basically means how are you using food as energy. The ratios can also give information on organs and systems before it is evident in a blood test. By looking at the ratios I will be able to tell you if your pancreas and blood sugar balance are being stressed, how your thyroid health is, as well as adrenal and immune function, protein digestion, hormone and heart health too.

Hair mineral analysis is not something you just want to do once… You actually want to do it a few times to see if you are getting better. Getting better usually involves lifestyle changes and most likely a supplement protocol.

So how do you get a hair mineral analysis? You contact me, and I will order you a test kit, with thorough instructions of how to cut your test sample. You will then receive a report, and I interpret it and follow up with a protocol. I would highly suggest a follow up hair mineral analysis in 3-4 months to see your progress.

How much does it cost?

Hair mineral analysis through ARL + interpretation and protocol- $ 150.00

Follow up test- $ 75.00

About The Author

Sheila Walsh Dunton is a NTP, GAPS practitioner. She empowers women to live their best lives through healing foods and good thoughts.

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